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RANGE RESOURCES CORP filed this Form 10-Q on 07/30/2018
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Other Postretirement Benefits

Effective fourth quarter 2017, as part of our officer succession plan, we implemented a postretirement benefit plan to assist in providing health care to officers who are active employees (including their spouses) and have met certain age and service requirements. These benefits are not funded in advance and are provided up to age 65 or at the date they become eligible for Medicare, subject to various cost-sharing features. In first six months 2018, there were $185,000 of estimated prior service costs amortized from accumulated other comprehensive income into general and administrative expense. Those employees that qualify for the new postretirement health care plan are also fully vested in all equity grants.

Deferred Compensation Plan

Our deferred compensation plan gives non-employee directors and officers the ability to defer all or a portion of their salaries, bonuses or director fees and invest in Range common stock or make other investments at the individual’s discretion. Range provides a partial matching contribution to officers which vests over three years. The assets of the plan are held in a grantor trust, which we refer to as the Rabbi Trust, and are therefore available to satisfy the claims of our general creditors in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency. Our stock held in the Rabbi Trust is treated as a liability award as employees are allowed to take withdrawals from the Rabbi Trust either in cash or in Range stock. The liability for the vested portion of the stock held in the Rabbi Trust is reflected as deferred compensation liability in the accompanying consolidated balance sheets and is adjusted to fair value each reporting period by a charge or credit to deferred compensation plan expense on our consolidated statements of operations. The assets of the Rabbi Trust, other than our common stock, are invested in marketable securities and reported at their market value as other assets in the accompanying consolidated balance sheets. The deferred compensation liability reflects the vested market value of the marketable securities and Range stock held in the Rabbi Trust. Changes in the market value of the marketable securities and changes in the fair value of the deferred compensation plan liability are charged or credited to deferred compensation plan expense each quarter. We recorded mark-to-market loss of $6.6 million in second quarter 2018 compared to mark-to-market gain of $14.5 million in second quarter 2017. We recorded mark-to-market gain of $782,000 in first six months 2018 compared to a mark-to-market gain of $27.6 million in first six months 2017. The Rabbi Trust held 3.1 million shares (2.9 million of which were vested) of Range stock at June 30, 2018 compared to 2.9 million shares (2.8 million of which were vested) at December 31, 2017.






Six Months Ended June 30,











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Net cash provided from operating activities included:









Income taxes refunded (paid) to taxing authorities









Interest paid









Non-cash investing and financing activities included:









Increase in asset retirement costs capitalized









(Decrease) increase in accrued capital expenditures





















We are the subject of, or party to, a number of pending or threatened legal actions, administrative proceedings and claims arising in the ordinary course of our business. While many of these matters involve inherent uncertainty, we believe that the amount of the liability, if any, ultimately incurred with respect to these actions, proceedings or claims will not have a material adverse effect on our consolidated financial position as a whole or on our liquidity, capital resources or future annual results of operations. We estimate and provide for potential losses that may arise out of litigation and regulatory proceedings to the extent that such losses are probable and can be reasonably estimated. We will continue to evaluate our litigation and regulatory proceedings quarterly and will establish and adjust any estimated liability as appropriate to reflect our assessment of the then current status of litigation and regulatory proceedings. Significant judgment is required in making these estimates and our final liabilities may ultimately be materially different.

Transportation and Gathering Contracts

In first six months 2018, our transportation and gathering commitments increased by approximately $171.0 million over the next twenty years (through 2038) primarily due to pricing changes for current contracts.