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RANGE RESOURCES CORP filed this Form 10-Q on 07/30/2018
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Prior−Period Performance Obligations

We record revenue in the month production is delivered to the purchaser. However, settlement statements for certain gas and NGLs sales may be received for 30 to 90 days after the date production is delivered, and as a result, we are required to estimate the amount of production that was delivered to the purchaser and the price that will be received for the sale of the product. We record the differences between our estimates and the actual amounts for product sales in the month that payment is received from the purchaser. We have internal controls in place for our estimation process and any identified differences between our revenue estimates and actual revenue received historically have not been significant. For the three months and the six months ended June 30, 2018, revenue recognized in the reporting period related to performance obligations satisfied in prior reporting periods was not material.


Stock-Based Awards

We have one active equity-based stock plan, our Amended and Restated 2005 Equity-Based Incentive Compensation Plan, which we refer to as the 2005 Plan. Under this plan, various awards may be issued to non-employee directors and employees pursuant to decisions of the Compensation Committee, which is composed of only non-employee, independent directors. To better align the timing of senior officer equity awards with our proxy statement filing in 2018, senior officer equity grants were in March 2018 rather than May, as in previous years.

Total Stock-Based Compensation Expense

Stock-based compensation represents amortization of restricted stock and performance units. Unlike the other forms of stock-based compensation, the mark-to-market adjustment of the liability related to the vested restricted stock held in our deferred compensation plan is directly tied to the change in our stock price and not directly related to the functional expenses and therefore, is not allocated to the functional categories. The following details the allocation of stock-based compensation to functional expense categories (in thousands):




Three Months Ended

June 30,




Six Months Ended

June 30,











2018 (1)






Direct operating expense
















Brokered natural gas and marketing expense
















Exploration expense
















General and administrative expense
















Termination costs














Total stock-based compensation

















Includes $18.2 million accelerated vesting of equity grants.

Stock-Based Awards

Restricted Stock Awards. We grant restricted stock units under our equity-based stock compensation plan. These restricted stock units, which we refer to as restricted stock Equity Awards, generally vest over a three year period, contingent on the recipient’s continued employment. The grant date fair value of the Equity Awards is based on the fair market value of our common stock on the date of grant.

The Compensation Committee also grants restricted stock to certain employees and non-employee directors of the board of directors as part of their compensation. We also grant restricted stock to certain employees for retention purposes. Compensation expense is recognized over the balance of the vesting period, which is typically three years for employee grants and immediate vesting for non-employee directors. All restricted stock awards are issued at prevailing market prices at the time of the grant and the vesting is based upon an employee’s continued employment with us. Prior to vesting, all restricted stock awards have the right to vote such stock and receive dividends thereon. Upon grant of these restricted shares, which we refer to as restricted stock Liability Awards, the majority of these shares are generally placed in our deferred compensation plan and, upon vesting, withdrawals are allowed in either cash or in stock. These Liability Awards are classified as a liability and are remeasured at fair value each reporting period. This mark-to-market amount is reported in deferred compensation plan expense in the accompanying consolidated statements of operations. Historically, we have used authorized but unissued shares of stock when restricted stock is granted. However, we also utilize treasury shares when available.

Stock-Based Performance Units. We grant three types of performance share awards:  two based on performance conditions measured against internal performance metrics (Production Growth Awards or “PG-PSUs” and Reserve Growth Awards or “RG-PSUs”) and one based on market conditions measured based on Range’s performance relative to a predetermined peer group (TSR Awards or “TSR-PSUs”).