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RANGE RESOURCES CORP filed this Form 424B3 on 09/07/2017
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Maturity Date means, with respect to the Notes of a series, the fixed date specified pursuant to the applicable Indenture on which the principal of such Notes becomes due and payable as provided therein or by the applicable Indenture.

MLP Subsidiary means a Subsidiary of the Company that is a master limited partnership or limited liability company or other pass through entity, in each case having a class of equity securities that is listed for trading (or that is reasonably expected to be so listed for trading within six months) on a national securities exchange.

Moody’s means Moody’s Investor Services Inc., or any successor thereto, including a replacement rating agency selected by us as provided in the definition of Rating Agency.

Net Working Capital means the sum of (i) all current assets of the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries plus (ii) the amount of borrowings available to be incurred under the Credit Agreement, less all current liabilities of the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries, except current liabilities included in Indebtedness, in each case (other than in respect of the amount of borrowings available referred to in the preceding clause (ii)) as set forth in consolidated financial statements of the Company prepared in accordance with GAAP; provided, however, that all of the following shall be excluded in the calculation of Net Working Capital: (a) current assets or liabilities relating to the mark-to-market value of hedging arrangements, (b) any current assets or liabilities relating to non-cash charges arising from any grant of Capital Stock, options to acquire Capital Stock, or other equity based awards, and (c) any current assets or liabilities relating to non-cash charges or accruals for future abandonment liabilities.

Permitted Lien means:

(1) Liens existing on the Initial Issue Date;

(2) Liens securing Indebtedness under any Credit Facilities;

(3) Liens securing any renewal, extension, substitution, refinancing or replacement of secured Indebtedness; provided, that such Liens extend to or cover only the property or assets then securing the Indebtedness being refinanced;

(4) Liens on, or related to, oil and gas properties to secure all or part of the costs incurred in the ordinary course of business of exploration, drilling, development, production, gathering, processing, transportation, marketing or operation thereof, in each case, which are not incurred in connection with the borrowing of money;

(5) any Lien arising by reason of:

(A) any judgment, decree or order of any court, so long as such Lien is adequately bonded and any appropriate legal proceedings which may have been duly initiated for the review of such judgment, decree or order shall not have been finally terminated or the period within which such proceedings may be initiated shall not have expired;

(B) taxes, assessments or governmental charges or claims that are not yet delinquent or which are being contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings promptly instituted and diligently conducted; provided that any reserve or other appropriate provision as will be required in conformity with GAAP will have been made therefor;

(C) security made in the ordinary course of business in connection with workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance or other types of social security;

(D) good faith deposits in connection with tenders, leases and contracts (other than contracts for the payment of Indebtedness);

(E) zoning restrictions, easements, licenses, reservations, title defects, rights of others for rights of way, utilities, sewers, electric lines, telephone or telegraph lines, and other similar purposes,