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RANGE RESOURCES CORP filed this Form 424B3 on 09/07/2017
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The Credit Agreement provides that the occurrence of certain change of control events with respect to the Company would constitute a default thereunder, which would permit the lenders under the Credit Agreement to accelerate the maturity of such indebtedness. If such acceleration occurred, then the Company would be obligated to repay amounts outstanding under such indebtedness. Any future credit agreements or agreements relating to other indebtedness to which the Company becomes a party may contain similar provisions. No assurance can be given that the Company would have sufficient funds to repurchase all Notes and other indebtedness that may be required to be repaid in the event of a Change of Control Triggering Event.

The definition of Change of Control includes a phrase relating to the sale, lease, transfer, conveyance or other disposition of “all or substantially all” of the assets of the Company. The term “all or substantially all” as used in the definition of “Change of Control” has not been interpreted under New York law (which is the governing law of each Indenture) to represent a specific quantitative test. Therefore, if Holders of the Notes of a series elected to exercise their rights under the applicable Indenture and the Company elected to contest such election, it is not clear how a court interpreting New York law would interpret the phrase.

The existence of a Holder’s right to require the Company to repurchase such Holder’s Notes upon a Change of Control Triggering Event may deter a third party from acquiring the Company in a transaction which constitutes a Change of Control.

The provisions of the Indentures do not afford Holders of the Notes the right to require the Company to repurchase the Notes in the event of a highly leveraged transaction or certain transactions with the Company’s management or its Affiliates, including a reorganization, restructuring, merger or similar transaction (including, in certain circumstances, an acquisition of the Company by management or its Affiliates) involving the Company that may adversely affect Holders of the Notes, if such transaction is not a transaction defined as a Change of Control Triggering Event.

The Company will comply with the applicable tender offer rules, including Rule 14e-1 under the Exchange Act, and any other applicable securities laws or regulations in connection with a Change of Control Offer. To the extent that the provisions of any securities laws or regulations conflict with the provisions relating to a Change of Control Offer, the Company will comply with the applicable securities laws and regulations and will not be deemed to have breached its obligations described above by virtue thereof.

The Company will not be required to make a Change of Control Offer (1) if a third party makes the Change of Control Offer in the manner, at the times and otherwise in compliance with the requirements described in the applicable Indenture that are applicable to a Change of Control Offer made by the Company and purchases all Notes of a series validly tendered and not withdrawn under such Change of Control Offer or (2) if notice of redemption for all outstanding Notes of a series has been given pursuant to the applicable Indenture as described under the caption “—Optional Redemption,” unless and until there is a default in payment of the applicable redemption price.

In the event that Holders of not less than 90% of the aggregate principal amount of the outstanding Notes of a series accept a Change of Control Offer and the Company purchases all of the Notes of such series held by such Holders, the Company will have the right, upon not less than 30 nor more than 60 days’ prior notice, given not more than 30 days following the purchase pursuant to the Change of Control Offer described above, to redeem all of the Notes of such series that remain outstanding following such purchase at a redemption price equal to 101% of the aggregate principal amount of Notes of such series redeemed plus accrued and unpaid interest, if any, thereon to the date of redemption.

Certain Covenants

Each Indenture will include the following covenants:

Limitation on Liens Securing Funded Debt. The Company will not, and will not permit any Restricted Subsidiary to, create, incur or assume any Funded Debt secured by any Liens (other than Permitted Liens) upon