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RANGE RESOURCES CORP filed this Form 424B3 on 09/07/2017
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other transfer of such New Notes. However, by so acknowledging and delivering a prospectus, a participating broker-dealer will not be deemed to admit that it is an “underwriter” within the meaning of the Securities Act. A participating broker-dealer may use this prospectus, as amended or supplemented from time to time, in connection with resales and other transfers of New Notes received for its own account in exchange for such Old Notes in any exchange offer for a period of 180 days (subject to our right to suspend the use of the prospectus under the circumstances described under “Plan of Distribution”) after the expiration date of such exchange offer so long as such participating broker-dealer has notified us in the letter of transmittal that it will be using this prospectus for such purpose. For further information, see “Plan of Distribution.”


  If you fall into one or more of categories (1) through (3) of the second preceding paragraph, if you are participating in an exchange offer for the purpose of participating in a distribution (within the meaning of the Securities Act) of the New Notes to be acquired in that exchange offer, or if you are a broker-dealer that will receive New Notes in an exchange offer in exchange for Old Notes that you acquired from us for resale pursuant to Rule 144A under the Securities Act or any other available exemption from registration under the Securities Act, (i) you will not be able to rely on the interpretations of the SEC staff enunciated in the no-action letters mentioned above or in other interpretive letters of similar effect, (ii) you may not tender your Old Notes in the applicable exchange offer, (iii) in the absence of an applicable exemption, you must comply with the registration and prospectus delivery requirements of the Securities Act in connection with any offer, sale or other transfer of Notes, and (iv) any registration statement used in connection with such offer, sale or other transfer of Notes must contain the selling security holder information required by Item 507 of Regulation S-K under the Securities Act. Failure to comply with such registration and prospectus delivery requirements may result in liability under the Securities Act and we will not be responsible for, or indemnify you against, any such liability.


Registration Rights Agreements

When we issued the Old Notes, we and the Guarantors entered into the Registration Rights Agreements pursuant to which we and they agreed, on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth therein, that (1) if, on the fifth business day following September 16, 2017, (i) Old Notes of the applicable series are not freely transferable without volume restrictions by holders that are not “affiliates” of ours in accordance with Rule 144 (or any similar provision then in force) under the Securities Act or otherwise, (ii) Old Notes of that series bear a restricted Securities Act legend or (iii) Old Notes of that series bear a restricted CUSIP number, we will use our commercially reasonable efforts to file with the SEC and cause to become effective a registration statement relating to an offer to exchange the Old Notes of that series for New Notes of the corresponding series or (2) if