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RANGE RESOURCES CORP filed this Form S-3ASR on 08/09/2017
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occur only if we have delivered to the applicable Trustee an Opinion of Counsel to the effect that Holders of such Debt Securities will not recognize gain or loss for federal income tax purposes as a result of such deposit and covenant defeasance and will be subject to federal income tax on the same amount, in the same manner and at the same times as would have been the case if such deposit and covenant defeasance were not to occur, and the requirements set forth in clauses (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7) and (8) above are satisfied. If we exercise this option with respect to any series of Debt Securities and such Debt Securities were declared due and payable because of the occurrence of any Event of Default, the amount of money and U.S. Government Obligations so deposited in trust would be sufficient to pay amounts due on such Debt Securities at the time of their respective Stated Maturities but may not be sufficient to pay amounts due on such Debt Securities upon any acceleration resulting from such Event of Default. In such case, we would remain liable for such payments.

If we exercise either our legal defeasance or covenant defeasance option, any Subsidiary Guarantee will terminate.

No Personal Liability of Directors, Officers, Employees and Stockholders

No director, officer, employee or stockholder of the Company or any Subsidiary Guarantor, as such, shall have any liability for any obligations of the Company or any Subsidiary Guarantor under the Debt Securities, the Indentures or any Subsidiary Guarantees or for any claim based on, in respect of, or by reason of, such obligations or their creation. By accepting a Debt Security, each holder shall be deemed to have waived and released all such liability. The waiver and release shall be a part of the consideration for the issue of the Debt Securities. The waiver may not be effective to waive liabilities under the federal securities laws, and it is the view of the SEC that such a waiver is against public policy.


Notices to Holders of Debt Securities will be given by mail to the addresses of such Holders as they may appear in the Security Register.


We, the Subsidiary Guarantors, the Trustees and any agent of us, the Subsidiary Guarantors or a Trustee may treat the Person in whose name a Debt Security is registered as the absolute owner of the Debt Security (whether or not such Debt Security may be overdue) for the purpose of making payment and for all other purposes.

Governing Law

The Indentures and the Debt Securities will be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the law of the State of New York.

The Trustee

We will enter into the Indentures with a Trustee that is qualified to act under the Trust Indenture Act of 1939, as amended, and with any other Trustees chosen by us and appointed in a supplemental indenture for a particular series of Debt Securities. We may maintain a banking relationship in the ordinary course of business with our Trustee and one or more of its affiliates.

Resignation or Removal of Trustee

If the Trustee has or acquires a conflicting interest within the meaning of the Trust Indenture Act, the Trustee must either eliminate its conflicting interest or resign, to the extent and in the manner provided by, and